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First you earn the Army's Black beret. Then, by going to the Elite Schools for Special Forces and Airborne and completing the courses, you earn the right to wear.

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Military berets must first be shaved and shaped to present the sharpest military image. This post shows you how to shape it to achieve the look.
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Steam is better if you have a flash since getting the flash wet can ruin it over time. There are many ways to remove fuzz from your beret:
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How to shave and shape an Army Beret. Female Uniforms. Headgear / Hats. Male. Black Beret. Male Headgear. Blue Hats. Male Headgear. Female.

The United States Army Formed & Inspection Ready Black Beret with Flash is Sizing: Adult; Leather band; Flash pre-attached; Pre-formed; Shaved; No eyelets .

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As others have said - pre shaved/shaped. Cut out all excess carboard that isn't directly behind the flash. Then get some cheap ass blue bic.
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This is typically why a beret must be shaped, as it will most likely resist holding this shape when brand new. Pre-formed, cut the cardboard, and then put the stupid looking thing on your head.

Army beret shaved shaped
The Pro-Fit Pre-Shaved and Shaped Wool Beret with a little bit of final adjusting, and you are good to go with an elite beret that drapes like it should and fits like.
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Tbh I spent forever shaping mine at BCT and it still holds up 6 years later.

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The United States Army requires the edge to sit one inch above the eyebrows. However, if your beret is already visible pilled before being shaped, shave it.

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Formed & Inspection Ready Black Beret with Flash. Weather: All-Weather; Sizing: Adult; Leather band; Flash pre-attached; Pre-formed; Shaved; No eyelets .
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